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Awareness Through Movement®

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"The aim is a body that is organised to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength but increased consciousness of how it works."

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

I no longer need someone else (for example chiropractor, osteopath, remedial masseur) to alleviate any back pain. I can do it myself now that I have become aware of the movements which will help.



I can't say enough good things about the Feldenkrais Method. I believe it’s made the difference between continuing my competitive running career and retiring prematurely.


Chris Boyd, 1991 US Track National Champion (5,000 meters)

We do not achieve ... by repetition, muscle exercising, or by increasing speed and force, but by widening and refining the cerebral control of the muscle range.

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., The Potent Self

"Find your true weakness and surrender to it. Therein lies the path to genius. Most people spend their lives using their strengths to overcome or cover up their weaknesses. Those few who use their strengths to incorporate their weaknesses, who don't divide themselves, those people are very rare. In any generation there are a few and they lead their generation."

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

What I'm after isn't flexible bodies but flexible minds.....

What I'm after is to restore each person to their human dignity.

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

The aim is a body that is organised to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength but increased consciousness of how it works.

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

"Not only has Feldenkrais given me more freedom and awareness physically, it seems also to have given me more inner freedom. I have this year started art classes and I feel painting and Feldenkrais somehow meld together in awareness and freedom of spirit."

Helen - Inner Freedom with the Feldenkrais MethodĀ®

In this age of technology the children need to be reminded that their own bodies have the best technology of all and to respect it and keep it working well. Some of the improvements the children were experiencing were: writing more effectively, sitting more comfortably to write, having less effort , more legibility and more speed in hand-writing.

Case Study

"We all come into this world with the capacity to imagine what we want out of life and to set about making it happen. But at some point in childhood we get discouraged: we are told what to expect. To be accepted socially, we begin to shutter the windows of imagination. Opening those shutters is re-opening the question of how effective you can be for yourself and for others. You can develop a new set of behaviours - visionary habits. It's never too late."

Marilyn Ferguson, Editor: Brain/Mind Bulletin

Frances' pain decreased enormously and she learnt many new ways of moving in order to forestall any recurrence of her problems. She has attended Feldenkrais "Awareness through Movement" weekly classes to further improve her posture and breathing. She decided to cancel surgery and now feels she is pain-free and more in control of her life again.

Case Study

"I believe that the unity of mind and body is an objective reality. There is still a vast field left unexplored in the realm of body and mind.

Training a body to perfect all the possible forms and configurations of its members makes a profound and beneficial change in the self-image and the quality of direction of the self.

Self-knowledge through awareness is the goal of re-education. As we become aware of what we are doing in fact, and not what we say or think we are doing, the way to improvement is wide open to us."

-- Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.


'Feldenkrais work is the most sophisticated and effective method I have ever seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.'


Margaret Mead, Ph.D., Anthropologist

Videos of interest

Renowned Neuroscientist, Dr. Merzenich, discusses the ways in which his understanding of how to enhance movement and learning are consistent with the Feldenkrais Method. 

Watch a Feldenkrais lesson: Sit better in 5 minutes from the New Zealand Guild.

"A Feldenkrais Lesson for the Beginner Scientist" with Professor Dorit Aharonov at TEDxJaffa

How the Feldenkrais Method can help you; supplied by practitioner Michael Cann, CFP.